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tWoTcast is the Wheel of Time podcast featuring Jono, Joe and Tom. Enjoy rereads and commentary of the Wheel of Time and other book series as well as LIVE shows from conventions and general nerd culture discussions. Like what you hear? Support us on Patreon! You can get all kinds of merch and other cool stuff. Find a full book by book breakdown of all our episodes here at tWoTcast Archive Timeline!

Dec 14, 2017

tWoTcast episode 188 (Words of Radiance part 6)

Our sixth discussion of Words of Radiance, written by Brandon Sanderson, covering the chapters 20 - 27! Featuring: Jono, Joe, and Tom. Rocky Time Demolition Cop Man: First Blood Sport is discussed, also pattern is basically a talkboy and toms got a hard out!

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dave @drabshadow
six and a half years ago

i totally just listen to the podcast on the twotcast dot com website- you guys make me feel like i-m weird