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tWoTcast is the Wheel of Time podcast featuring Jono, Joe and Tom. Enjoy rereads and commentary of the Wheel of Time and other book series as well as LIVE shows from conventions and general nerd culture discussions. Like what you hear? Support us on Patreon! You can get all kinds of merch and other cool stuff. Find a full book by book breakdown of all our episodes here at tWoTcast Archive Timeline!

Jun 13, 2020

The Eye of the World (part 1 of 4)

Our first discussion of book one of the Wheel of Time, The Eye of the World. Covering chapters 1-13 and the prologue. Featuring: Jono, Joe and Tom. We also talk about when we started reading the books and why we love them so much.


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Tyler Spilker
almost seven years ago

Is it possible to get an rss feed that lets me listen to the back catalog in my app? The current one goes back to episode 75

almost ten years ago


I'm not able to view this "file is corrupt"

ten and a half years ago

Hey guys, the site is not letting me view this as it says the file is corrupt. You might need to reload it.

Doc Vegas
eleven and a half years ago

Just found this podcast and looking forward to spending LOTS of time together over the next few months!

eleven and a half years ago

Hi guys! Just started listening to your ramblings and may have to comment as I listen.

You mentioned that the beginning of tEotW feels like LotR - the same could be said for Lucas' SW and Brooks' Shannara series. The Hero's Journey! The LotR comment made me grin, tho.

Draghkar = gay vampire with pouty lips? Great, I'm not going to be able to get that image out of my head. lol

Cadsuane is my fav Aes Sedai, and of the ta'veren, I love Perrin. And you hate to shave. hehheh


eleven and a half years ago

correction +led from the east

eleven and a half years ago

you guys mentioned that rand may be holding the power when he sees the trolloc troop being led east by the fade- i think rand was using the channeler-s ability to sense creatures of the dark one just as he did with the fade earlier and with the raven outside the winespring inn