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tWoTcast is the Wheel of Time podcast featuring Jono, Joe and Tom. Enjoy rereads and commentary of the Wheel of Time and other book series as well as LIVE shows from conventions and general nerd culture discussions. Like what you hear? Support us on Patreon! You can get all kinds of merch and other cool stuff. Find a full book by book breakdown of all our episodes here at tWoTcast Archive Timeline!

Jun 13, 2020

The Eye of the World (part 2 of 4)

Our second discussion of book one of the Wheel of Time, The Eye of the World. Covering chapters 14-26. Featuring: Jono and Joe. Tom is ill. We also talk about Jordancon 2009... for a minute.


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tWoTcast Archive Timeline:

almost eleven years ago

concerning the comments about egwene- she does get her own prologue called -ravens- for the half-book -into the blight- where she spends most of her time avoiding her sisters

almost eleven years ago

i listen to the pods then read the corresponding chapters to keep me focused as i sometimes will space while reading- you talked about mat speaking the old tongue in the skirmish off the caemlyn road but before that in chapter four he says to a closed mouth thom -but the war- and later in the same chapter -battles interest me- to tam when he would not divulge details of fain-s news