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Oct 2, 2013

tWoTcast episode 112 (New Spring part 10)

Our tenth discussion of the prequel book New Spring covering chapters 19 and 20. Featuring: Jono, Joe, Lauren and Tom. Allesandro of impetious windmills ( hangs out again and comments while we have a new segment, Sports Corner with Joe, Moiraine gets an HUI at 90 miles an hour and finally tWoT Dungeons and Dragons! Part 3! With our DungetWoT Master Jimmy Liang!
over ten years ago

Quick and easy, this platformer will present just enough of a problem to fill up a break.

Acquire from tube to some other in every amount by replacing your color
to control systems and surfaces, dodging circulating knives and timikng evaporating blocks ass you go along!

Where a breakdown on a drk highway leads to all kinds
of sudden journey in a mysterious cqstle If you arre seekking for an extremely sijlly position-and-click puzzle game,
kokos012 will pdoduce in this strange little game.
Each monitor is its oown problem where you should
have to figure out what to press to overcome
a challenge in ordrer to commence... Only, uh, do not overthink thinggs
a lot of. Or expect it to produce a lot of sense.

Registration _Online games or arcades where thhe participant signs up for an account
that ets them play a game (or several games) for a specified quantity of time for
a fee. Subscription services generally eliminate the must
physically use a recreation whatsoever by streaming thhe
gamepla knowledge to the unit or accessing itt in thee service_s
personal servers (aka _cloud gaming_).

Goat Guardian is a system puzzle game that stars
Steven aand his pet goat, Steven Jr.! Steven Jr. likes too ascend to dangerous areas, thus recovery
him and Steven must rujnout and. It's Really A wellmade and beautiful sport with a superior pair of levels that are the ideal balance of reflexess and puzzle-solving.
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Whether it's questions, shooters, or dress up, there's
agame for age and every interest. And since onlinegames may also be accessible wirelessly, youngsters may enjoy them on any portable device using
an web connection. The sheer amount -- and immediacy
-- of online-games could be daunting to many parents. Within this video, we
describe the four principal types of online
games and provide you with tips about controlling online games
for each age.

Several Web games may be performed inside your
browser and are cost-free. Kids can easily go-to the site and begin playing.

These are termed Display games or relaxed games, and
they're those who are supplied of all youngsters' websites.

_Free-to- _freemium_ and play_ _ These games are generally supported by advertisements instead of purchase or subscription costs; _freemium_ games allow you
play a confined portion for free but require that you spend to
access new content or features. Cell software, browser-based games and other forms of informal games will most likely employ one of these
simple business models.

Retain private information a key. Guide youngsters to never reveal information that is personal about themselves or their family having pics,
email or home address, age, sex, additional players_their authentic name,
and such.

Protect recreation records with strong passwords:

motorcycle racing games free download
Strong passwords are at least eight characters (longer is better) and incorporate a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols.
Learn how to generate these.

Cheaters and hackers most usually acquire entry since they were given a
password, therefore teach youngsters never to share passwords with anyone (except parents).

Make-up a risk-free gamer name. Help children pick screen
names and player labels (such as for instance Kinect ID) that do not expose something particular, aren't effective, and do not produce kids simple to discover.

Performed is _ed by Socialnetworking games from within
a social network like Fb, these games promote consumers to
share information and updates with others in their social network.
These games generally include the chance to buy-in-game items with real
money, prize participants for recruiting their friends to hitch the game, and might influence some
of the user_s personal information (which can be a part of their social network account) to personalize the game encounter or commercials
to their interests.

Toronto Glass Repair
over ten years ago

Even donning mitts, don_t gget any chances: Set a towel on the
glass and use that to aid eliminate it, wiggling every bit outt slowly.

Save if you like to complement the replacement glasxs additional correctly many shards to decide tto try
the store.
Wrapp the cracked glass in newspaper and eliminate it in a case, package or other container.

Assess the size of the screen starting and take 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch from the length and breadth when purchasing an upgraded lite.
It is important to consider corrrect proportions.
Grab tthe spring videwos or vinyl splines wijth pliers or a screwdriver, if the figure iis vinyl or metallijc and skip to step
When the body is wooden, take away the old putty or glazing
compound from the screen utilizing a putty knife or chisel.
A warm gun will help ease the putty and ensure
it is better to eliminate. Warm a location right before you scrape,
eliminating only a little att any given time. Wanting to remove too-much simultaneously can
damage the shape.

Beforee seeking tto chisel hardened putty from a wood windpw frame, brush raw
linseed oil over putty. Let it absorb in to ease the putty.

Populate a pellet gun hole in a windowpane with clear nail polish or shellac.
Pat when the app dries; in thee hole, dab agaain before hole is stuffed and reapply.
The pane will appear clear.

To cover an apparent bathroom window without
putting up curtains, make the glass opaque by brushing on a combination off 1/2 pint of stale beer and 4
tablespoons of Epsom salts.

Screen monitors often become torn or curved and need too be helped
to before hey become an eyesore or security risk. Discover ways
to repair and change displays next area.
Toronto Glass Repair
Employing a sset of pliers, grab the glazier_s
thins _ thhe tiny metallic triangles whhile in the shape under the beans of putty the pane was
held by that in-place.
Clean the region and lightly sanbd the frame.
Utillize a small paintbrush to utilize a coating of linseed-oil for the figure.

Wheen you install thhe newesst pane oof glass the glazing compound stay pliable will be helped by the oil.

Apply a skinny layer of glazing substance round the frame with
thee glazing software. The element should be the consistency
when you insert the brand new lite of heavy bread, that'll offer
good padding.
commercial glass reair denver - -
Measure body for brand spanking new glass.

It should be simply smaller than beginnihg to allow for shrinkage
and growth and to allw for blemishes in figure or glass. Measure both techniques across starting, from
inside edge to inside edge, and withhopld 1/16 to 1/8 inches each technique.
Incluide dual-strength glass minmimize to these accurate measurements.
Buy adequate new glaziersa items or clips too be installed every
6 inches or so around pane.

It's feasible too just restore the glass yourself.
An easy estore to glass without much value mayy be worth
a try_ It_s already broken; you_re probably not likely to ensure it is worse.

There aare many place on line with ideas tto enable you to with easy glass repairs.Onlyy a little preparing and utilising the right
instruments can perhaps work just great ffor your requirements.

This sit delivers some good ideas to make the job just a litle simpler _ How-To mend china, porcelain, and glass.

What adhesive can I use?

Your local electronics store caan have various epoxy
for several types of glass restoration. Loctite can
be a recognized manufacturer of specialised glues and adhesives.
The website features movies and ideas helping you too find
the right glue for the unique repair.

Professional glass is sold by his Glassworks functioning products, including adxhesives and
glues. However, remember, the skilled products bought at Their Glassworks demand better know how
and toopls to use_ But, it is a well-done website and offers good guidelines and films.

To seal thee new window pane having glaziers'
compound all arounnd the outside border, roll another wire of glaziers' compound, and prfess
it firmly in to the glass-figure articulation,
aall around the pane. Use putty knife to clean element most along the joint across the pane, matching putty to different neighborhood
windows. Maintain putty knife at an angle to top off body, so
knife cuts ingredient off easily andd evenly along glass.
If putty knife is or attracts at glaziers' ingredient,
above edge into linseed-oil, and shake-off excess.
Use long, easy shots to maintain joiint perhaps around pane.

q facebook mobile ads
over ten years ago

Like, a big segment of the mobile advertising business could be the mobile
installing business. Organizations are repeatedly spending $1.50 orr maybe more per deploy.

Unfortunately, many of thse installations do not stick around
for lengthy, rendering the insttalling pointless.

Portable advertising campajgns will never be genuinnely
_done_; it_s a continuous process that permits marketers
too assess, construct, discover, and repeat tthe process over aand over till
valid, repeaatable results are received by them.
If yor tests are planned bby you beforehand, targeting distinct sets of customers
using unique promotion offers & creatives you
may discover what elemsnts get the highest conversion rates.
Finally, don_t neglect compared to that calculating customer lifetime
value is vital to every software business, andd when combined with cellular promoting evaluating can
have a dramatic effect on your business.

While managing a mobile advertising, notably one dedicated to app installations,
you must work back: understand your mobile shoppers, those
use your app essentially the most, whyy they achieve this and whho they are.
Next, and only then, are you able to start making cell ad buys having a
realistic potential for increasing your business in asuccessful and repeatable manner.

Thee research revealed that 60% of people interviewed stated they'd
behave inn a positive approach towards mobile advertising information; in the UAE, a whopping 83% of people who'd gotten mobile adverts stated a prospective to click applicable types.
Someone wwho choooses to pdess on an offer features additional interest - and prospective to get - thawn
one who merely drives by one on the trail. Cell mmarketing might be a potent nnew
way if a company could utilize it, to connect with shoppers.

Targeting: There are several classes of targeting that you can discover with your
mobile ad testing.For example, one of the main benefits of
mobile promotion is the fact that iit helps software
entrepreneurs to target consumers predicated
on their actual location utilizing GPS co-ordinates.
Until lately, it had been tough for game designers to
use area based advertising to their advantage; but,
with all the discharge of iOS 7 and the brand new _Near Me_ segment
around the Appstore, app marketers could target their cell advertising to crtain geographies
to get considerable extra exposure minus the
tremendous expeenditure needed to push yolur app in to
the leading graphs. Portable software entrepreneurs should also contemplate demographic targeting.
Do several forms of shoppers perform brtter than others predicated on age, income and ofher group identifiers?
Why oor why not? And how could yyou craft superior cell ads to enhance your performance among the different market groupings?

Content: One limitation of mobile advertising iss obvious:
the screens are small and the aad dimensions are, by default, even scaled-down _ but an advantage of mobile adverts is that
you can try lots of different combos of mobile ad designs.
Examination different ysterical and interstitial advertising creatives, fresh
cals tto different colours, action, different photographs and pictures.
Sometimes it_s astonisging what sort of moderate difference in design could
creawte a drastically different result.
q facebook mobile ads
Most mobile users aare now havily into various types of mobile devices, each one providing more advanced features compared to other.
An increasing number of customers are hirding their units to
get site-based firms and information in their existing section off function, more
importantly. Although we have previously noticed how location-based services are good for the mobile
professional annd the B2B market aall together, this development also gives
rise to ann entirely new age of mobnile promotion; that of
promoting your services via the different mobiloe ad sites offered
to you.

The Offer: Whaat is the incentive for somebody to be interested
enough in what you_re endorsing to relly click on your mobile ad?
Whether you_re looking to travel downloads of your software, or
virtual goods (including badges or _points_ for a preexisting game), your customers could
be more prone to click on your offer if you could answer this-old problem, _What_s inside
for myself?_ You might discover that specific
packages (or cohorts) of customers resdpond differently to several presents _
for example, one market cohort may transform at a highlevel when presented a sales oon virtual goods, while another is most enthusiastic about
specific features.

A stay-at-home mommy aving a newborn probably would become more thinking about an
offer for diapers than one for off-highway motorcycles.Since it ever has-been targeting one's buyer is
as vital in mobile advertising. By targeting the best audience Successful
ad campaigs have been operated by companies in the region, like WebTeb,.
A company's likelihood of obtaining a positive reply from clients is determined by providing thyem with
some sort of individual gain, claimed 76percent of participants.

mobile linkedin ads best practices
Another Step: they're sent to the _landing environment_ _ in the
situation of pay-per-install advertising this is
most often the app storfe page where they can download your app, Once ykur customer
clicks on your mobile ad. There are many elements
of your app store page to enhance, including app description, screenshots, and calls to action.

It may go without saying that each app mazrketer must regularly perform to improve their app shop gettying environment to transform as many visitors as possible.
If you're sending customers to a mobile-website, it_s imprtant to present them with an obvious, easy-to-navigate clinching setting so they may proceed through with the remainder of the process, whether that_s
enrolling to putchase anything, entering an e-mail
address, or intricate to check out your business on social media marketing.

The tips for sustaining and cre

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over ten years ago

over ten years ago

Substanceabuse centers support they regain their footing the cycle of
addiction, break and restore the partnership, aims and professoons that were ruined as a result
of drugs or booze.

Substance-Abuse treatment packages offer rehab for
anyone folks who aare participating with alcohol, cocaine, narcotics, pot, crystal meth, prescription
ppainkillers including Vicodin and OxyContin,
and other drugs.

Thee rare opportunity is experienced byy substance abuse counselors to convert people's lifestyles.

As there are few accomplishments as fulfilling as wresting again a lifestyle commandeered by dependency,
while the difficulties of thhe job are outstanding, the level of job satisfaction is,
also. Substance abuse is widespread_there are more han seventeen
million alcoholics alone while in the United States today_and it wreaks havoc about
the lives of tjese who sufcer feom it.

The only path to acquire the mkst out of drug abuse therapy will be to talk freely
and truthfully about your trouble having therapists (during personal
counseling) and other individuals inside the plan (during group counseling).
Engaging in a discussion regarding the root factors behind
yor substanceabuse is how developments happen.

Substance abuse experts work in a number of settngs including residential treatment facilities, hospitals, and
governmental facilities for example prisons, juvenile detention centers and
probation offices. Working hours include evenings, days,
nights, and careers and week-endsare usually full-time.

Assessment and evaluate clients' progress iin relation
to measurable targets described in care and thdrapy plans.

Meeting clients, assessment records, and confer with othuer professionals to ascertain
their suitability for participation in a specific program and to assess individuals' psychological and physical situation.

Approach or implement follow-up or after-care programs for purchasers to be
dischargewd from treatment programs.
Examine individuals' degree of drug dependency by analyzing and amassing urine samples.

The office of the counselor is characterized by durability inside the face of problem.
Advisors should stay a way to obtain emotional energy and steadfastness tto
your huge caseload of customers, a number of who
are beneath the influence of drugs or alcohol or while in
the midle of emotional turmoil. Recidivism within this distinct work is superior;
a substance-abuse counselor have to be in a position to steer their
own feelings when many clients inevitably go bacck to drug or alcoho use.
These consultants count on excellent stress management skills and mental maturation in order
to succeed inn a work place that presents uniqwue difficulties.

what does a how much does a substance abuse counselor make in california (
To effectively integrate unique
Short term solutions into training, counselors take advantage of a
Organization grounding in theory and an easy technical
knowledge of the numerous different techniques
available. While correct, components of differe
nt brief remedies could posskbly be combined to provide
Effective results. Nevertheless, it is very important to
remember that the potency off remarkably
Outlined surgery (e.g., workbook-influenced interv
entions) used in several behaviour solutions
Depends upon operations of the complete regime
n. Caution must bee used by the therapist in combining
and mingling specified strategies annd have to be sensitive to
the social framework within which
therapies are incorporated. Therapis
ts also needs to be sufficiently tr
ained in the therapies they're
using and should not rely solely on the information
Like this to learn people remedies.
Appendix B
provides some means for additional schooling.

Substanceabuse and behavioral disorderr counselors encourage persons
who suffer with alcoholism, drug dependency, eating disorders,
or other behavioral issues. They supply therapy and servoce to aid the client recover from dependency or transform problem behaviors.

Specifications being a substanceabuse counselor for a work be determined by
the hiring organization. Many experts have a top school diploma and qualification while others have a bachelor_s degree oor master_s
degree. Since several of the finest substance abuse counselors
are tyose who have overcome habit themselves, that is among
the few careers the place where a degree from the college of
hard-knocks can outweigh university training. Counselors with additional knowledge wil soon be
trusted with less fast watch and qualified counselors can provide one-on-one counseling.

what is a substance abuse counselor
Substance abuse counselors, apso known as behavioral disorder counselors, help individuals with other behavioral concerns and
habits cope with aniety and life's troubles inn a healthy method.

Oftdn clients are also interacting with additional
mental-health concerns and a substance-abuse counselor may partner with a psychiatrist aas part of a treatment plan.

Since eating conditions and substance abuyse occur to people
of many walks of life, session might be spent one by a substance abuse counselor operating with someone who provides court-ordered treatments and another session with a family intervening to get a loved one.
In just about any of the cases, substance abuse experts need to be organized for
a hugely tough,but worthwhile, work. Discover when you have
the personality characteristics and abilities too produce a superior drug abuse counselor.

Complete and keep accurate records or reporys regarding the individuals' progress and histories, services offered, or other required information.

Aide consumers or individuals, independently or in
group sessions, to support in overcoming dependencies, modifying to life,
or making changes.
Acquire client treatment plans based on clinical expertise, research,
and client histories.
Perform chemical dependency program orientation sessions.

Participate in casxe confernces or staff

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